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    McAffee tech support is screwing me over

      I need help in contacting someone of weight at McAfee corporate hqts. Last week I tried to download McAfee antivirus for my iMac and could not install it. Then I called Verizon tech supp, they could not do it either. I was then referred to McAfee's tech support and I got people in India (nothing wrong with that) to remotely poke around my computer to see what's what. Long story short, this guy Kumar, tier level 2 tech, deleted all my files in the trash can of my iMac, like 5,000 plus files by using some sudu command (could not wait for regular deletion, would havd taken many hours.) So, lo & behold, all my pictures were gone. This is over a week ago. Since then, I have been told that I should research google and find suitable recovery programs. I should researcg google? I should install whatever recovery program so that if I screw up they can blame me? They want me to pay for their mistakes? What kind of company is this? Can anyone out thre offer me any suggestions?


      I wish I could get out of the loop of calling customer support because all they do is give me the run around. Oh, sir, so sorry, I will arrange for tech support to call you. For what? to tell me the same thing over and over?And I cannot get a number for McAfee's hqts.