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    TPS stops shares in Small Business Server 2008

      Hi, we have 2 customers now that have TPS installed on their SBS2008 networks. Both sites after a day or so of running lose access to all network shares hosted on the SBS2008 server (this includes access to the "backup" status within the SBS208 console). I have logged about 5 calls via Mcafee support, and each time, someone dials in, removes the service from the server, and reinstalls (it then works for a few days) - and they promptly close the call, despite me telling them that it WILL fall over again in a few days (a reboot seems to solve it again for a few days), when responding to their emails RE closing the call, I get no response, and the call is closed, so I have lost faith in getting a response along the standard support channels....


      Has anyone else seen this, or even better, got a fix for this? It is only the Viurus and Spyware protection that is getting installed onto the server, firewall and broswer protection is not getting installed.


      It doesnt seem to affect Windows Server 2008 in the same way - it is purely Small Business Server 2008! I am pulling what hair I have left out!

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          I have researched on your issue and I see that you have to create a new McAfee policy. Please follow the below steps to do so. Please install the software on one server and then perform the below steps and then check if that resolves the issue that you are facing.


          1. Open the webpage www.mcafeeasap.com
          2. Log in to the online security center
          3. Click on policies on the top and then click on add policy
          4. Select Virus and spyware protection and then click on the advanced tab
          5. Now, please change the CPU usage percentage for scan and update to low or very low.
          6. Select the Artemis scanning sensitivity and bring the level to low
          7. Click on the exclusion list on the top and then enter the path of the other shared locations and allow it.


          Now, on the server right click on the M icon and select update now to run a manual update. Then please check for the working of the shared locations.

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            Many Thanks, for this, I have applied the changes, and will update when it appears solved (The problem doesnt manifest itself for a day or 2 - hence making it rather difficult to support, as a fresh install appears to leave everything OK)

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              After applying the changes, the server worked from then until now. Again, access to all shares hosted on the server have been cut off. Seems like it may not be compatible with SBS2008?

              A reboot will allow the shares back, but only for a while, the only long term solution is to remove the software?

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                I have read your post.


                Please be informed that this is an ongoing issue. McAfee engineers are working on this issue.


                This issue will be mostly resolved in the McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection 5.2 version which is about to be released in a few weeks time.


                Please bear with us till the issue is resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.