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    Agent Handlers in NATd system

      Hi All,

         I have an EPO 4.5 Server and a system attached to it via NAT. The Agent handler is installed on one of the servers on that system and all the agents installed, got policy and are working OK. The clients get updates and the EPO Server can see them in the system tree, so I know they are communicating back. Agent wakeup calls work as they should as the logs show this. Infact the system seems to be working as it should without any issues.


      The firewall is set to allow the following ports through:

      TCP 80

      TCP 8081

      TCP 8444

      TCP 8443

      TCP 49160

      UDP 1434


      After about 3 days the the clients are no longer able to update themselves and get the error Unable to find a valid Repository. To resolve this I have to restart the McAfee services and the system works normally again, for about 3 days, the problem starts again.

      Has anyone got any Agent Handlers and have them working properly through a firewall. If so, what ports have you used.


      Any help appreciated.