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    McAfee Agent Installation on debian based systems



      Currently, I am trying to install an McAfee agent 4.5 SP1 on a debian based system. Anyone tried this so far? For me, the installer seems quite broken:


      -- snip --

      root@xxx:/install# ./lx-install.sh -i
      dpkg -i
      dpkg -i --force-confnew
      space required to copy archive is 17980906 bytes
      space available at mfe56czTF is 11836719104 bytes
      extracting archive to mfe56czTF... please wait
      17339+1 records in
      17339+1 records out
      8877906 bytes (8.9 MB) copied, 0.0798609 s, 111 MB/s
      Archive:  mfe56czTF/package.zip
        inflating: mfe56czTF/MFEcma.i686.rpm
        inflating: mfe56czTF/MFErt.i686.rpm
        inflating: mfe56czTF/reqseckey.bin
        inflating: mfe56czTF/srpubkey.bin
        inflating: mfe56czTF/sitelist.xml
      dpkg: error processing MFErt.i686.deb (--install):
      cannot access archive: No such file or directory
      Errors were encountered while processing:

      -- snip --


      As you can see, the installer fails first because the extracted packages for installation are RPMs and named as those. Second, the installer tries to install RPMs with dpkg .. afaik dpkg does not install RPMs, "alien" should be used before to convert then tp RPMs. Aren't there any _native_ packages from McAfee for installing on debian based systems available?


      Thanks, Adrian


      P.S. The first four lines are debug-output to verify the installer has correct filenames on debian systems ..