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    What exactly is McAfee Pearl MUI?

      I just got a new Dell with McAfee Pearl MUI 15month without media. I have been trying to find out what it is:


      Even McAfee Help says

      "Continue reading to learn more about the protection included with your McAfee software.

      McAfee® AntiVirus Plus 

      McAfee® Internet Security 

      McAfee® Total Protection "


      BUT it doesn't say which I really have! Nowhere can I find it listed, nor with the year/version.



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          Peter M

          Pearl was an internal name associated with the newest 2010 release.  You would have to check with Dell which of the 3 McAfee suites you have listed is the one you are entitled to.

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            Hello comptutor,

            If you do not have your McAfee programs installed, please contact our technical support from available links at the top of this page along with the order no & customer not you got through dell.
            Our technicians would validate you r information and provide you necessary information along with that they will help you installing the same .

            Dinesh K
            McAfee Online Community moderator

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              I'm not sure I understand your message, but my software is ALREADY installed. I am trying to find out exactly WHAT was installed.


              And contacting Dell wasn't any help.

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                Peter M

                Double click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter, do the following depending on which version you have...


                Once SecuritCenter is open


                If the taskbar icon is a square shape click About at the lower right hand corner and that will list the applications and version numbers.


                If it's a shield-shaped icon click Navigation at the top right


                Click About at mid-left and they will be listed there.

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                  In addition to that, as Dinz has mentioned above you may also contact our technical team who would validate your account and give you a clear information about the package that you have subscribed with McAfee