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    After installing total protection 2010, open command no longer available when selecting multiple files?

      Hello, Im looking for some help I recently installed Mcafee Total Protection 2010 on my pc, now I am having a few annoying side affects I am hoping someone can help me clear up.


      First of all I am running on win xp pro sp3. When I have an explorer window open and I select multiple files to open when I right click the "open" command is no longer there, only the "open with" however if I choose open with and browse to the program I am trying to open the files with it only opens one of the files in the list.


      Secondly and I believe it is caused from the same problem when I am trying to combine a group of PDF files with acrobat in an explorer window I select the files I want to combine, right click and select "combien in adobe acrobat" nothing happens.


      These are things I have been doing on a daily basis for years with out a problem and only now after this installation have become an issue.


      Does anyone know of a setting within the total protection program that will restore these functions?



      Thanks in advance