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      I have a customer who is trying to run the autoboot command using the domain admin account and receives a permission error, but the enterprise admin doesn't receive it.


      Any ideas?

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          This is a Safeboot 4.2 install set

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            What happens when $autoboot$ account is added vie EEM to user's machine and user's PC performs synchronisation?

            Is autoboot account added?

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              does v4 support autoboot? jees! - that version is so old, I find it hard to remember what features are in it. I guess if the option is listed in the "Device Encryption for PC's" administrators guide then it must be ;-)

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                Well now I have a new issue.  When I try to run the command, I receive an error message that my license is invalid.  How can I validate my license for SBADMCL for SB4.2?  Can I use SBADMCL EE 5.2, which is valid?


                And Yes, autoboot is in the admin guide!



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                  Below is the error I receive:


                  db00001a                         Invalid license


                  In the knowledgebase, this is the description of the error:


                  the license has been modified so  that the signature is now invalid


                  Does this mean that since I've upgraded to 5.2, the 4.2 sbadmcl tools won't work?

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                    you need to use the right version for the codebase you are using - so, if you are using 4.2 eem or 4.2 client, you need to use the 4.2 api.


                    but, in answer to your licence question, scripting and automation was a chargable upgrade for 4.2, so if you are getting that error, it means you did not purchase that component, and will need to talk to your account manager about buying a licence for it.

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                      If an offline machine was encrypted with sb4.2 before the migration to 5.2, how can the machine receive the upgraded license?  sbxferdb.sdb?

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                        The licence warning is coming up because you are trying to use a command which communicates with the back end db.


                        The getlocalmachinename command when you use the idonly flag only talks to the local machine (to give you the machine id), so you don't need a license.

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                          getlocalmachinename doesn't work either.


                          c:\program files\safeboot   sbadmcl.exe -adminuser:XXXXX -adminpwd:XXXXX -command:getlocalmachinename


                          disablesecurity command works on a machine with eepc 5.2

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