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    Attachement filtering / Office extension



      Since 2007 release of Microsoft Office, all files generated are encapsuled with a ZIP algorithm (docx, pptx xlsx).


      SecureMail 6.7 identify those files as binary encapsuled in an archive...


      Somebody have a workaround to identify those exentions ?



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          No workaround, but a question for you- What specific version of 6.7 are you running?  I'm on 6.7.1 HF7 and my users will sometimes have problems sending Office 2007 formatted files outside our organization, specifically if they are zipped.  Support told me that the latest version of the IronMail software has much better support for Office 2007 files and suggested I upgrade.  I've held off however, because I was able to advise my users of a workaround (save in Office 2003 format) and I'd like to see how well 6.7.2 HF3 works for the early adopters before I go there myself.


          If you aren't running 6.7.2 HF3, upgrading to it *might* help your problem.

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            Yes, we are running 6.7.2HF3.


            This problem is not for all Office 2007 files, according to the log file, .xlsx file is identified with the type id "361".

            But in some case, SecureMail find binary file encapsuled in the Office file and this is my problem.


            How can I order filtering rules to allow Office files before blocking by an other rule ?

            Where we can find an updated list of TrueType file can SecureMail identify ?


            Many Thank's