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    TCP Properties Question After DB Migrate

      Hi All


      Running ePO 4.0 and have just switched from MSDE to SQL Express, seemed to go ok, the clients are updating etc but I can't force communication from the server to the agents (e.g wake up call)


      One part of the migration I'm not too sure on are the SQLEXPRESS TCP/IP properties, do you leave the dynamic port field blank if using a specific port?  What about the IPALL fields or the  On our server the 172.25.#.# NIC is used for ePO, can anyone look at the sshot below and make any suggestions?  I've tried several variations, sometimes the whole thing stope working, others I get some function but never server to agent ability.


      Many thanks



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          If you have specified a TCP Port then you dont need an entry in the dynamic aswell (saying that I have IPALL on 1433 but still have a specific entry in TCP port for 1433, but I have my dynamics as empty) you dont need any change for IP3 in your case.


          re agent stuff what does the epo server log say when you try to wakeup?

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            Hi Tony


            Thanks for the reply, I made that change, think I had it that way before too but I still seem to be getting the same results.  Server.log the only line relating to the a PC I try to wake is:


            20100816120426 I #3640 EPOServer Receiving PropsVersion from COMPUTERNAME


            Now there is a lot of traffic in the log, but no errors relating to the PC I try to wake, should there be some message saying it couldn't be contacted?  What I'm wondering is could it be working but there's so much communication between the server and all PCs that it's taking a few min to process the request?  One reason why I think theres something wrong is when I run TCPView on the server there is no sign of port 1433.




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              Ignore the part about the port not showing in TCPView, it's just using "ms-sql-s" instead of the actual port number.

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                Problem solved, looks like the lack of response was down to the fact that there was pretty much constant talk between server and clients.  I've increased the time between enforcement and it's responding again now.