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    "MyAccount" subscription "expires"?

      Yesterday, I downloaded and installed McAfee "Total Protection", valid for up to 3 computers.  I'm running Vista Home Premium.  I have a current subscription to McAfee Virus Scan Plus (about to expire).  McAfee TP seems to be running, but keeps telling me my subscription is about to expire.  I suppose this is triggered by the replaced Virus Scan subscription, but can't get rid of the error.

      Can I be sure McAfee won't refuse to run when the old subscription date passes?


      I have spent too much time installing this new subscription, and had to jump through too many hoops.  (Uninstalling SpyBot, manually uninstalling the old version of McAfee VS, cleaning out all the junk left on my machine by the McAfee uninstaller, and rebooting numerous times.  If I hadn't already given McAfee $40 for the "Total Protection" I'd be looking to install a different firewall and virus scanner.  This has been really frustrating.



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          Hi Glenn6990,


          I understand the issue that you are facing with regards to McAfee software on your computer, however do not worry we can easily sort this issue out.


          1. Could you check if the date/month & the year according to your computer is correct or not. If it is incorrect please correct it.

          2. If the above mentioned is correct, then please download & run MCPR tool by clicking on this link http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/MCPR.exe  in order to remove McAfee software traces from your computer completly and then download/install McAfee total protection from your online McAfee account to fix this issue.

          3. Post back if this fix's this issue.


          Hope this helps you




          Rakesh P

          McAfee Technical support

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            The instructions you sent did not work.  When I download the self extractor from my account Virus Scan Plus (on the old subscription) is downloaded instead of "Total Protection" (new subscription).  I went through the entire process that you suggested twice and got the same result.  Virus Scan Plus is installed instead of the new subscription, and I'm warned that my license will expire in 10 days.  Please tell me how to get to the download for the software I paid for.  There's no way that I can see to tell what the self extractor is going to download until after the software is installed (some 20 minutes or so later).  This is wasting an awful lot of my time.

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              Hi Glenn6990,


              > Do you have 2 different McAfee subscription's registered under 2 different email address or are both McAfee virus scan & MTP registered under same Email address....?




              Rakesh P

              McAfee Technical Support

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                Everything is registered under the same email address.  Your questioned prompted me to look at the subscription details in "myaccount".  Both the MTP and McA VS are called, "Subscription 1, Via: McAfee".  When I click on the "Subscription" line, I find three computers listed, and 2 different IP address.  MTP is listed as "active" on one computer, and McA VS is listed as "about to expire" on a computer with a different name, but the same IP address.  I don't know where all the names came from, but wonder if these are the cause of my problem?



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