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    IE redirecting selected website to a completely different ws, usually a vendor website

      Help please.  When trying to access a particular website via Google or IE, the search results are visible  but when I click on one, it redirects me to a completely different website, usually a vendor.   I have  tried different links, its a different site and  never the same one twice. I noticed that if I copy the address directly into the address bar, all is well.   I've run McAfee Antivirus plus and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware programs and the scans have  found viruses and trojans which were emoved or quarantined.  I also noticed that some viruses or trojans are in some files and were removed or quarantined but in some files there were not able to be fixed, removed or quarantined.  This matter begun approx. a week or two ago and is very frustrating.  Hopefully someone can help me.