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    Netobjects issues

      I don't get it.  I have read the netobjests discussions and all i see is teckie related concepts and to do's.  Why does McAfee not fix this issue with the Netobjects program?  FYI, Netobjects support is simply telling users that McAfee is causing the issues.  Therefore the conclusion is that if Mcafee is not as important then the McAfee program should go.  I have been a McAfee user for well over a decade but I am not a teckie and Netobjects IS more important to me than McAfee.  I don want a correct teckie to do response.  I want to hear that Mcafee has fixed this issue and I don;t have to deal with it any more.  I don't contract with Artemis I contract with McAfee, so I don't see any reason to coordinate squat with Artemis.


      Dear McAfee, Please either fix the issue and announce it or assume you are going to lose customers.  I hate to be one of them, but frankly, I can use any virus protection program but there are few alternatives to Netobjects.



      Frustrated McAfee user.


      Prefer response from McAfee representative.  Thanks.