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      First, just a quick comment.  Earlier this week, my McAfee software upgraded on its own to the new version of Security Center 10 -2010.  I knew there was an update taking place, but I did not know it was a major interface change.  After it updated, I received a number of errors, such as "no firewall" and others.  I kind of figured out what was going on, and after a short while, I was able to get things back to normal.  It would have been nice if I was notified of this major change before it automatically updated, with warnings of what might happen (such as those error messages I received).  I originally thought that perhaps my computer was hijacked by something posing to be a McAfee update.


      Now, my question.  It appears as if Shredder only shreds folders and not individual files.  I used to be able to shred individual files with the previous version, and I would like to still be able to do this.  Yes, I can delete a file and then shred what is in the Recycle Bin, but I prefer to just to shred the individual file, primarily because if I see something in my recycle bin, out of habit, I just empty it.  If I just empty it, it is not shredded.


      Am I doing something wrong, or can you no longer shred individual files?

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          Peter M

          I'm afraid that's it.  Shredder became 'Shredder Lite' in the current version of SecurityCenter.

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            Sorry to hear that.  It's a shame that something you used to have and (indirectly) paid for (came with my PC I bought) goes away.


            Thanks for your answer, though.

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              Peter M

              Agreed, It certainly wasn't my idea ;-)

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                I too have in the past selected files I want to shred, not entire folders. It seems a no-brainer that one might want to shred one file in a folder and keep others. If I have a folder with this year's information and I want to shred a file in it, what am I supposed to do.  And when the product has such a capability, and then it is eliminated without warning or a choice of the user, that .... well perhaps you're adept at reading my  mind. So what can be done to restore the ability to shred individually choosen files in McAfee. What are you doing to get the capability restored?


                When these kind of things happen, it affects my decisions when I am considering future products, or the renewal of the current product.


                So, does anyone have a suggestion of a replacement program that will allow me to delete specified files, instead of entire folders?

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                  Peter M



                  I'm testing next years consumer product on my spare Windows 7 partition and the ability to Shred individual files exists in the right-click menu.





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