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    can not get dmsetup to install

      at first i was having problems w/ my real time scanner not staying on.  i decided to uninstall my mcafee products (virus scan) and do a clean reinstall, however, i can't get the software to reinstall.  i am running windows xp and firefox 3.0.6.  i used the add/remove tool to uninstall mcafee virus scan.  then i ran the mcpr.exe software removal program.  i also ran the McPreInstall.exe program.  then i did a file search for any leftover file/folder with the word mcafee and deleted all those.  next i downloaded the dmsetup.exe program which seemed to download all appropriate software, but when it went to install, it gave a message that none of the products were installed properly.  any help would be appreciated.

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          Have you had any signs of malware problems lately? Run the stinger scan that is mentioned in this document Required Reading - Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting


          There are some other suggestions listed in their to follow. If you still cannot resolve anything after follwing the recommendations in the document then I would sugest you try running this free program http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php after installation of this check for the latest updates and run the program and let it clean everything it finds and reboot the computer.


          Then go back and run the MCPR removal tool and reboot, then run the preinstall tool and reboot, and then login to your account and download your software and see if the problem is then resolved.


          Let us know how it works for you

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            i forgot to mention that i also had run a full scan using malwarebytes and avast free antivirus.  i then uninstalled these programs and all traces of them before performing the previously mentioned attempts to get rid of all mcafee software and to reload dmsetup.

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              Hello ajwong4,

              Could you please provide me with the following details ;

              What is the operating system of the computer ?
              How is the computer connected to internet ?
              Do we have any other security software installed in the machine (or in the past)
              how old is the computer ?

              Dinesh K
              McAfee Online Community moderator

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                1. the os is windows xp
                2. the laptop is connected by ethernet cable to a dsl modem/router
                3. the only security software installed is the software that comes w/ windows and avast free antivirus (i installed that after i couldn't get mcafee to load)
                4. after trying to uninstall mcafee through the control panel, the mcpr program, and preclean program, i tried installing dmsetup which failed.  next i ran a full malwarebytes scan and an avast antivirus scan.  however, these were removed via the control panel after the scans and the mcpr/preclean/dmsetup programs were run again with no luck.  note that no security software except the stuff that comes w/ windows was installed while trying to run dmsetup.
                5. the computer is at least 5 years old.


                thanks in advance for your help!