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    Content missing after today's update. Why?



      I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate with McAfee Security Center. It's a subscription that was included with my purchase of a Dell laptop.


      After today's update, I restarted my computer as necessary and the whole look of McAfee Security Center had changed. While that's annoying enough after just getting comfortable with the old one, several features seem to be missing. I can't name them all, but this is definitely a paired down version of Security Center. Why?


      Off the top of my head the first thing I noticed missing was definitely Shredder. It's one of the main reasons I'm still running McAfee on this computer and haven't switched to Norton as I have on all my other systems.


      How can I go back to the previous version of this software? Can I turn off automatic updates and only get the new virus definitions for scanning?

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          Peter M

          Moved this to SecurityCenter 10 - 2010 because it's pretty obvious that you just upgraded to that version.


          There should be a 'drawer' on the front called PC Optimization.  Click it to expand and you should be able to adjust the settings for Quickclean and Shredder there.




          If it's not present it should appear after an update or two.

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            Thanks for the move. Wasn't sure exactly where the question should go. It's not there now. Will be on the lookout for more updates.



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              Peter M

              Right-click the taskbar icon and select Check for Updates and see if that helps.   This seems to happen in some cases, including my own a while back, but it eventually takes care of itself.


              Now I can't speak for any software that is provided by 3rd parties of course...Dell or your ISP, for instance, because they tailor the software somewhat although it should still be part of the interface.

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                I've been keeping an eye on this and making sure my updates are current. 


                The only option I have under PC Optimization is Quick Clean.


                It's rather frustrating since my pervious version of this program had the Shredder option.


                Any suggestions?


                Thank you.

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                  Peter M

                  Have you tried clicking Quickclean...all the tools should then open?


                  If not, right-click the taskbar icon and select 'Check for updates'.


                  That should bring in the rest.



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                    I am also missing the quick clean portion of McAfee Anti-virus Plus after updating. I have executed all the suggestions in this thread, and still it is missing both under "Tools" and on the main menu.


                    In addition - interestingly "Virtual Technician" says it "cannot find products".


                    McAfee originally came with my new Dell Alienware Windows 7 computer. Maybe McAfee figures that Windows 7 tools can do everything that McAfee quick clean can do? Or there is some conflict with Alienware? However the version before I upgraded had the quick clean feature.

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                      Peter M

                      If MVT can't repair it then I suggest a complete uninstall, use the MCPR removal tool under 'Useful Links' above and then reinstall from the online account.   However, there have been many reports of the tools being missing then  they appear after an update.


                      It's up to you if you want to wait and see or do what I just suggested.

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                        Followed all the instructions, and now not only do I not have Quick Clean, but the real time scanning will not turn on. What's going on? I am a long time McAfee fan with two computers licensed, and my step-son is a high level IT guy with Phillips Electronics and has always recommended McAfee. Something is wrong with the new software? Should I go through the complete process again (for the fourth time)?

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                          Disregard my message about real time scanning. I did the process again and this time it did turn on.


                          However - still don't have quick clean or virtual technician.


                          Think I will wait until the next update. My computer is protected and that is the main thing. The rest I will wait until someone comes up with the next patch. I have spent way too much time on this today.


                          Thanks for you help though.

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