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    Eyeblaster cookies?

      Hi guys, I'm using a Windows Vista and have McAfee Total Protection.


      I ran a complete scan and when I viewed the report, it told me that I had 3 Trojan viruses that were 'quarantined' and also 4 other viruses that go by the name 'Eyeblaster-Cookies' which cannot be repaired for some reason. Few things I would appreciate knowing:


      1. I went to the file path of the Trojan viruses and deleted the files. Will this get rid of the Trojans?


      2. What does it mean by 'quarantined'?


      3. How can I remove the 'Eyeblaster-Cookies'? There are software online to do this but now I am worried that I will end up downloading more viruses.


      4. Is the 'Eyeblaster-Cookies' harmful? Should I not go on certain websites such as Internet Banking?


      Thanks for your help.