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    How do I download  and run MCPR?

      I have a DELL Windows 7 computer.  I had McAfee Security; however, it disappeared.  I was told by a technician at McAfee to download and run MCPR.exe.  Can anyone tell me exactly how to do this?  I have tried; however, have been unsuccessful.  thanks in advance.

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          Please run the mcAfee removal tool MCPR from here and restart your computer, which would uninstall all existing versions of McAfee from your computer.



          Dinesh K
          McAfee Online Community Moderator

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            Thanks so much.  My computer is no secure.  Really appreciate your help.

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              Hi, and welcome.

              You wrote:


              >>"My computer is no secure."


              I know that's a typo, but it might be a Freudian slip.

              You ARE aware that, having run the MCPR tool, you have just removed all traces of McAfee from your system, right?

              IOW, your computer *is* no(t) secure.

              I don't know what you mean when you say McAfee disappeared from your computer, but I assume you have reinstalled McAfee from your online account?





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                I got corrupted HIPS installation.

                Tried to use MCPR but no success


                Exit: SUCCESS



                C:\Temp\MFERemoval100.exe /HIPS /pass ********** /q /noreboot

                Applet executed by user "SKY\SYSTEM" on computername "xxxxxx" using applet version:



                12:56:06.883 I VSCORE Version:

                12:56:07.109 I This program is not expired.

                12:56:07.111 I Windows Version:  Windows Workstation 6.1 Enterprise x64

                12:56:07.112 I Windows Release:  Windows 7 Enterprise x64

                12:56:07.252 I Found McAfee Agent Version

                12:56:07.272 I Found Host Intrusion Prevention Version

                12:56:07.273 E HIP 8.0 Patch 10 is unsupported.

                12:56:07.357 I Found: CMNUPD__3000

                12:56:07.357 I Found: EPOAGENT3000

                12:56:07.358 I Found: EPOAGENT3000META

                12:56:07.358 I Found: HOSTIPS_8000

                12:56:07.359 I Found: PCR_____1000

                12:56:07.360 I Found: SIR_____1000

                12:56:07.360 I Found: SYSPROPS1000

                12:56:07.361 S Found other McAfee Products, did not clean-up McAfee registry and directories.

                12:56:07.363 S HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\MFERemoval, Finish Data: 1 (previous data: ) set.

                12:56:07.364 S HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\MFERemoval, HIP Data: 1 (previous data: ) set.

                Exit: SUCCESS


                What does it mean?

                HIP 8.0 Patch 10 is unsupported.

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                  Hi all,


                  MFERemoval100.exe in version is available.

                  NOTE: If running syscore 15.7 or higher, you can only remove all products.   It will only run with the product switch /all.