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    Error 30050048 - Client Data Store Attribute corrupt

      We have a user, that when she tries to log into her laptop in safeboot she is now getting 'unknowsn user'. I log in with a machine recovery and when I do get into windows and check the Safeboot client status, it connects to the safeboot server okay, and following 'checking for user updates' and 'checking for hashes update', the error "Error 30050048 - Client Data Store Attribute corrupt".


      I have tried removing the user from the machine within safeboot but this doesnt help as I am getting the same error.


      I was told it may be because the user has Cisco VPN software setup, and may be something to do with the different GINA conflicting. Are any of you aware of a fix for this? Any help would be much appreciated!!


      Many Thanks!