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    TPS 100% CPU update then ''the web page you are viewing is trying  to close the window''


      In the last 2 months, Total Protection Service Updates take 100% cpu for 3-4 minutes and at the end of this

      an IE8 Dialog (IE8 Fully patched) pops up saying

      ''the web page you are viewing is trying to close the window''?'' with Yes or No buttons.

      (This happens even if IE8 is not running)


      I have tried twice to uninstall (using the corporate instructions KB54834) and re-install.

      Both times at the end of the the installation a box appears with a underlined link saying "to complete the installation...".

      If I click on this then I get a box with script errors and the on reboot it take 30 secs to load IE8 or open my computer.

      The machine has become unusable and I am forced to restore a backup.

      The script error says (Yellow Exclamation mark) An error occurred in the script page

      Line 97

      char 17

      Error Unspecified

      Code 0

      URL: http://vs.mcaffeeasap.com/mc/vs50/ui.aspx partnercode=6659&LENU&mode=INSTALL

      Do you want to continue running scripts on this page

      Yes No

      I clicked on No both occassions


      At the moment this is causing me to rely heavily on disk image backups.

      I have the close window problem even after the upgrade from Patch 5 to Patch 6.


      Can anyone help me either fix the "close the window..." problem


      succeed in a reinstall.






      I am Running

      Pentium Dual Core 2.8GHz

      4GB RAM

      machine 2 in signature



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