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    Servers not updating



      I have a report that runs every 3 days to tell me which servers do not have a DAT version within 2 weeks of the repository.


      Today when the report run, it has shown that ALL of our servers stopped recieving DATs on the exact same day, DAT6054.


      Usually when our servers dont update, it will be one or two and it will just require deployement of VSE 8.7i to resolve (it keeps saying the DAT is corrupt when trying to download from ePO).


      All the servers are still communicating with ePO in terms of sending information about last logged on user, ip address, operating system etc... they just refuse to pull down the updates.


      Has anyone had this problem before?

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          Can you post the agent log and mcscript.log from an affected machine? It's a bit unusual that they would all fail at the same time...


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            See attached archive.


            Contains both Agent and McScript logs.

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              Okay, a couple of things spring to mind. Firstly - bizarre as it may sound - it doesn't look like this machine is running an update task? The only tasks that appear to be running are called "VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i Deployment [TC]" and "Collect Information [TC]" - I'm assuming that neither of these is an update task. Has someone disabled or removed the update task assigned to the affected machines?


              Secondly - looks like the server may be having some load problems. The log mentions errors like this:


              2010-08-13 10:00:01    i    #3728    Agent    ePO Server is busy
              2010-08-13 10:00:01    i    #3728    Agent    Agent communication session closed
              2010-08-13 10:00:01    I    #3728    Agent    Setting flag to force full properties on next ASCI
              2010-08-13 10:00:01    I    #3728    Agent    Agent communication failed, result=-2403
              2010-08-13 10:00:01    I    #3728    Agent    Exponential retry in 335 seconds, error=-2403(Server busy or reaches max concurrent download number)


              Check the server.log on the epo server - are there any errors about max connections being reached, or possibly sequence numbers being rejected?


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                Looks like someone thought it would be a good idea to disable the update task the Server Group...


                I shouldve checked this first, but your post prompted me to.


                Someone is about to get an ear full.

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                  Happens all the time


                  You still definitely should check the server.log for any errors though.


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