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    ePo agent roll out issue.

      I have created a cgroup within Epo and added a server to this group however it is stating unmanaged. I have amended host files on both AV and destiantion server so that the can 'see' each other and i have also check firewall logs that is allowing the 'connection'


      Any ideas. I have tried adding by both IP and server name. When i add by IP the name resolves. Please help.

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          The first thing to check is that the agent is communicating with the server correctly - check the agent log on the client machine and see if there are any errors (the agent log will be called agent_<machinename>.log, where <machinename> is the name of the machine.)  It may be that it's communicating and has appeared in a different location in the system tree - if you use the quick search function on the default dashboard to search for the machine name, how many results do you get?


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