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    Auto-Update Does Not Automatically Update

      I recently received the the new Security Center version (10.5.195) and noticed that the automatic update was not working.  After I start my computer, the stated time for "next update" keeps increasing incrementally and the update never occurs.  I end up having to update manually.  On a similar note, I read in another discussion that the scan function will not start automatically as scheduled.  Since I just received the 10.5 update my next scheduled scan has not arrived and I don't know if I will exoerience the same issue.  My question is, will both of these problems be addressed in the near future.  It would be one thing if Mcafee was a free security program, but we are all paying customers and expect the product to work properly.  Thanks.

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          Hello stmiller,

          McAfee automatic updates fail to complete due to many reasons such as ;

          Conflict with a third party security spoftware
          Dropping internet connection
          Malware infections and many

          Could you please confirm the following questions so that we could diagnose your issue and get it resolved at the earliest

          How is your computer  connected to internet ?
          Do we have any other security software installed in the computer ?


          1. From the Taskbar, click Start, and Run.
          2. In the Run field, type notepad %WINDIR%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts then click OK.

            Note: This will open the 'hosts' file in Notepad.
          3. Remove all lines referencing McAfee websites, or Network Associates International (NAI) websites.
          4. Examples of such lines are:


            • bin.mcafee.com
            • nai.com

              Note: You can ignore all lines that start with the # symbol.


          1. Click File.
          2. Click Save.
          3. Close Notepad and try to update your McAfee product again.

          Kindly revert back with the above information , we are awaiting your response



          Dinesh K
          McAfee Online Community Moderator

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            Under the "UPDATES" tab 'next update' should be changed to read 'next update check', the way it reads now is misleading.  McAfee only (actually) updates about once a day to a day and a half.  At least on my computer.

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