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    4.5 Agent Problems



      We have installed ePO 4.5 P3 on a new server and trying to push agents out to existing machines, which have agents installed from a previous ePO server.


      I understand why we're getting the problems we're getting (failed to associate IP address and the fact that 'only allow comms from the ePO server in the Agents settings), but what are our options to fix these problems.


      I have tried:


      Manually copy the SiteList.xml file from a working machine to a non-working machine = fails

      Deleting the system from ePO and adding by IP address = fails (as it resolves it to it's DNS name anyway)

      Removing the Agent completely and re-installing from the new ePO server = fails


      I don't really want to have to re-build all our machines to fix this problem!



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          Did you export the agent-to-server keys form the old server and import them into the new one? If not, then the old agents will not be able to talk to the new server. Importing the new sitelist is not enough - you need to import the new keys as well.


          You can either install the agent package from the new server, which will replace the sitelist and keys, or you can import them locally on the clients by exporting the srpubkey.bin, reqseckey.bin and sitelist.xml from the server, putting them all in the same folder, and then running frminst.exe /siteinfo=<path_to_sitelist.xml>


          HTH -