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    Where Can I Download PreScan from


      Hi All.


      Im trying to locate McAfee PreScan 1.0. I can see it in my downloads when i log in with my grant number but when i go to download it says there are no downloads available.


      Any ideas?




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          Prescan is end-of-life. Even if you could download it, it wouldn't work as it requires the V1 dat files which are no longer produced.

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            Oh right. I didnt realise that.


            My problem is that I think I have a root kit infection on a server as when I start an On Demand scan a pop up appears saying "The On-Demand Scan found alterations to code or data which may indicate  that a rootkit is attempting to hide files, registry keys, processes or  other items. If this scan fails to find anything then the computer  should be scanned with McAfee PreScan or booted into Safe Mode and this  scan run again".


            Do McAfee have a replacement for PreScan?????




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              I had the same trouble when I was attacked by Trojan.Agent/Gen-xxx and Patched-SYSFile.d trojans.


              Use the possibility described in Mcafee Knowledge Base document KB67088 "How to  Create a Windows XP Boot CD... etc.".

              I think it is the best replacement for PreScan by now.





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