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    Update ??

      greetings  tech.support.



      Hello Ex-brit. 


      I use McA. T.P. It's very interesting security suite, For now everything is going  ok.


      Sometimes McA. Security Center after update requiring restart PC.

      Is that usal proceeding or.. ?

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          I have been using Total Protection Suite for almost 2 years and I assure you that is quite normal.  Cheers!


          Jeremy R Aldrich

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            Thank u for answer.


            I used lots of  AV  programs, i have relatively  good experience.

            Eventually i'm  very satified with mcafee this year,somehow it's different .





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              Hello WinstonS,


                          To be more specific as why it prompts to restart, McAfee releases updates regularly and some of these updates require a restart of your computer in order to complete the update process. We recommend that you restart your computer as soon as possible following these types of updates.


              Please save and close any documents that you are currently working on, choose Restart my computer now, then click OK.

              If you choose Restart my computer later, please restart the computer at your earliest convenience to make sure your updates are applied and that your security protection remains up-to-date.



              Dinesh K
              McAfee Online Community Moderator

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                Hello Dinz


                Thank you for advice!


                Yes, i agree with you.

                if  mcafee would downloa. only ''virus database'' it wouldn't req. restart.

                But in other case,probably if sec.center download updates -upgrade modules:virus scan,spam proct.firewall etc. in that case require restart.

                I call that ''full or long'' updates. Am i misunderstand  ?

                You've seen i mentioned above '' it requires restart  sometimes, not allways''