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    Oh where, oh where have my log files gone?


      My company has had a case open with McAfee support since July 8th with no response other than "this is a known issue" and I am trying to determine if anyone else is encountering this problem & if anyone has any additional information they'd be willing to share with me on this...


      When pulling up message details, as the result of a Queue Search, and clicking on the "Message Log" tab, I encounter "File - [MessageID#].log is empty."  If I access Reporting > Reporting Advanced > Logs and try to "View Log" on the Internal - Binary Log, tailing shows no activity.  Additionally, when accessing the appliance through the CLI and attempting a "showevents", I encounter "Failed to open file </log/scmail-logs.bin>".  The "show events" command provides an error of "Failed: no log for events."  If I download the Internal - Binary Log to my workstation through the GUI and unpack it, it contains the "scmail-logs.idb" but not the "scmail-logs.bin".


      Because the log is empty, inaccessible, or does not exist, I cannot trace messages.  This extremely frustrating when attempting to troubleshoot any kind of message delivery issue.  I cannot pinpoint exactly when the problem started occurring (meaning before or after hotfix 3).  Is anyone else seeing this issue on their appliance?  Thanks!

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          Quick Update:  On 08/20/2010 I contacted support and requested that my case be escalated.  It's now sitting with the Development Team (with no new information and no target date for a fix).


          Previously, I believed the problem may have been somehow related to a patch; however, now I believe that this problem has been occurring ever since we implemented this appliance.  We had an older appliance that I stepped through the upgrade process from v6.5.3 to v6.7.2 back in May, and the log files functioned properly on that appliance.  In June we replaced the old appliance with a new appliance and added the encrypted email feature at that time.  In speaking with one of my cohorts who spearheaded the implementation of the new appliance, he does not believe that logging has ever functioned properly on this new appliance.  The new appliance was built from CD at v6.7.2 and has been patched up to HF3.


          Am I the only person encountering this problem (apparently)?  Thanks!

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            This is the first I have heard of this issue, do you have a case number I could look at?

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              Case number provided to Ivan Jahnke via PM.

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                Ivan was a great help to me on this issue!  The root cause of my missing binary log file was that I had checked the boxes to delete the logs after FTP (Reporting > Reporting Advanced > Logs).  After un-checking these "delete" boxes, Ivan restarted the services and the binary log file regenerated.  I am now relying solely upon the log file cleanup schedule to handle log file cleanup (Administration > Cleanup Schedule > LogFiles) and, for the past three or four days, my binary log file has remained intact and functional.  I'd highly recommend NOT using the "delete" checkboxes under Reporting Advanced / Logs.


                ...Thanks again, Ivan!