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    "McAfee Web Gateway - Notification"

      My company recently upgraded McAfee Enterprise on all of our Web servers due to a virus threat.  I'm a Web developer supporting some applications running on one of those Web servers, and ever since the McAfee upgrade (from version to 8.5.0i) on June 28th, the end users started to notice a serious decline in response time.  If we reboot the server, the Web apps/pages would be run fine for a little while, but would soon start to bog down again. On August 9th, the server administrators applied a script which  apparently fixed an enterprise-wide issue with the McAfee scheduler  service running away with the system’s CPU, but unfortunately the script had no effect on our original problem.


      A curious symptom we noticed -- as the Web browser turns and tries to open a particular site or document on the server, the blue title bar of the browser window would display "McAfee Web Gateway - Notification," and either continue showing a blank page endlessly, or eventually time out.  I'm not familiar at all with how the Web Gateway works, so I'm hoping that the experts here can help point us in the right direction on how to trouble-shoot.


      Not sure if it makes a difference, but this particular Web server is a bit unusual in that it resides outside our company firewall but still within a security perimeter (hope I'm using the correct terms), in order to allow access to external customers/partners.


      Thank you in advance,


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          Jon Scholten

          Hello Alice,


          This sounds like you are using the Web Gateway for filtering. This is a separate product from VirusScan so any perceived upgrade problem is simply coincidence.


          It sounds like the Web server is in a DMZ, perhaps the Web Gateway cannot access this resource which is why you are seeing it fail to connect to the server, or get a notification (probably says "Could not connect"). This would need to be investigated by your firewall team to make sure the Web Gateway has proper access to that destination.



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            Thank you for your reply, Jon!  I will pass it on to the folks supporting the firewall and see what they can find.