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    How to block .exe from a web download with EWS 5.5?


      Hi all,


      I'm trying to do a simple block of .exe from being donwloaded from web and I'm not finding any option to do it?


      Can someone help me please?




      Carlos Ribeiro

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          Hello Carlos,


          You can use regular expression (if you want to) in order to reach your objective. Steps below might help you:


          1. Login into the EWS 5.5;

          2. Go to Web - Scanning Policies - URL Filtering: Primary URL filtering

          3. Click on the tab named "Denied URLs (Regex)"

          4. Add a URL with the following string: /*.exe

          5. Apply your configuration.

          6. Try to download any .exe file from the internet and check the results.


          Note: I'd suggest you to test this rule before implementing it in production, since sometimes regular expressions might cause some false positives. Attached there is a screenshot with an example.