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    Help ! after new version of mcafee computer keeps crashing !

      A few weeks ago i noticed that mcafee had changed its icon to a shield and it kept crashing my computer,i thought it was a microsoft error ,that seems to have resolved itself after various microsoft updates .


      Last night i tried to click on the shield of mcafee and noticed it didnt do anything ! ? so i tried to download it again from the mcafee website and it kept crashing and sticking my computer ?? I have vista home premium,i had to do a system restore to get my computer to work again, but i still cant get anything from the mcafee shield ??


      Im pulling my hair out, i am a total novice when it comes to computer ,please help me as i dont want my computer not to be secure ??


      Thank you please if you can help can you make it simple as i really dont know much about all the techno speak for computers


      Thank you