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    McAfee Virtual Firewall (route traffic through the firewall)

      I have successfully installed the virtual firewall and I am able to login to the interface. However, I would like to route other VM Guest OS internet traffic through the firewall. My network is as follows:


      Host machine (Windows XP Professional)

      Wireless: 192.168.1.x (for internet usage)

      LAN: 10.x.x.x (for internal application access)


      VMFirewall IP (Internal 192.168.181.x from VMNet1 and external 192.168.126.x from VMNet8) {From the firewall I am able to ping external IP's)


      VMGuest OS: 192.168.181.x from VMNet1 again ( I am able to ping the Firewall internet IP but not able to get to the internet)


      Kindly advice what i need to do so that my VMGuestOS internet traffic goes through the firewall. Is there anything I am missing out.