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    McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise: area of weakness


      Hi everybody! I am a McAfee Partner and I would like to share my opinion with you concerning Mcafee Virus Scan Enterprise 8.7.

      Most of the time I notice that Mcafee Virus Scan Enterprise 8.7 (with the latest DAT, engine, Patch, Artemis enable  ) can not detect some virus that another antivirus detect and remove easily.

      For example : some autorun.inf virus, khatra.exe, xplorer.exe ......

      When I get this kind of issue not only I quickly report the problem to Mcafee online support or l submit specimen , suspicious log to webImmune support but the issue can not be resolved even if they send me ExtraDat. ( now I have two cases that ExtraDat send to me can resolve)

      Finally to resolve the issue I have to use some utilities  like Combofix , MalwareBytes ........


      I wonder why McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise can not detect some virus.

      Do you have some ideas?


      Thank you in advance for your answers!