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    Clients not updating to 8.7i P3

      Hi guys,


      I'm new to ePO so excuse me if my question is a bit stupid...


      We're running ePO 4.5. Clients agents are upgraded from 3.5 to 4.5, no problem at all. They already had VSE 8.7i installed, running patch 1 or 2. The version in our repository is 8.7i p3 (Current Branch, I checked in both P3 and 8.7i+P3).


      I have configured 2 ePO agent policies that only differ on repository configuration:

      - internal: configured to go to our ePO server/repository

      - external: configured to go to the NaiHTTP (connection checked and is ok)


      Now the problem: all the internal clients are upgrading to patch 3 without any problem, but I can't get even one external client to update to patch 3. Not even when running a update task. Everything looks ok but I'm missing something here.


      Thanks for your help already!