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    Deployment of framepackage using SCCM

      Has anyone got this to work....deploying the framepackage from the SCCM server so it can use policies from the EPo server? i have tried and created a task sequence in SCCM and deployed the anti-virus enterprise first and then tried applying the framepackage and it errors out. i have made the frame package run the anti-virus first and all this is done silently. i have even tried removing the anti-virus and telling the framepackage to run the anti-virus first with out the anti-virus in the same task sequence. any help would be great






      ps mcafee 8.7i patch 3


      hope that helps

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          hi mr.killam ,


          Are you creating a task sequence for OSD? or created a package and advertise to all client machines? Try to deploy the framepackage fist, once it installed it will communicate with the ePO server and installed virus scan.







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            i have created the package but not advertised it to clients except through the advertise to task sequence check box. i had made it part of the OSD task sequence.not sure what is different. i have not even got the AV to install correctly... i tried a wide varitey of things. i went through the destructions and installed the setupvse with the /q which didnt work, i am in the progress of trying the /quiet switch. now one thing does come up. during the task sequence i can press F8 and get the command window and install it using the /quiet and a box comes upasking if i want to remove windows defender? i am wondering if this might have something to do with it. if the box is silent and doesnt appear then it could be erroring out that way.


            I will keep plugging away at this funny thing.



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