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    Announcement: MVT / ePO-MVT - Content update - 8/10/10

      Additional supported products in MVT / ePO-MVT:

      • Foundstone 7.0 support is now available.
      • SiteAdvisor Enterprise 3.0 is now available
      • Host Data Lost Prevention 3.0 (coming soon)


      Recent detections included in MVT / ePO-MVT:

      • Firesvc.exe crashing with buffer overrun C++ when clicking (notify admin)
      • N/A is reported for 'Logged On User' property after upgrading to MA 4.5 RTW
      • EngineServer.exe memory usage is higher than expected
      • System stops responding on logon or logoff for clients running Host Intrusion Prevention 7.0 Patch 6 or 7
      • Active Directory sync task fails after installing Patch 1 for ePO 4.5 when a registered LDAP server is configured to use LDAP Port 636 and SSL
      • Event ID: 7022 The McAfee McSchield service hung on starting
      • Faulting application FrameworkService.exe, module mfecurl.dll, fault address 0x0001fa05 (error occurs at each Agent to Server Communication Interval)
      • Internal Error: DBO getter threw exception (Issue: Active Directory Synchronization fails)
      • McAfee product fails to install when VirusScan Enterprise 8.x has content update 493 for the Buffer Overflow and Access Protection DAT.
      • Windows Action Center Reports McAfee VirusScan disabled after Patch 3
      • EventParser fails to parse VSE events due to corrupted characters in the filename