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    Attack Detection

      Why the attack detection feature of McAfee Internet Security are all disabled as factory default, and why there is a warning recommending not to activate those settings at all?


      Under web and e-mail protection folder.

      Under firewall folder

      Under Attack Detection there are 10 settings at least!


      I presume if we purchased a firewall it needs to be active in all frontiers of attack for security and monitoring.


      Looking to hearing from you.

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          hey edufrnslv,I asked the same thing.I was told it does not require those settings.I agree with what you are saying though.Why have it in the program then???Here is the article.Not sure why it is there myself.But i am going to believe what ex-brit says.As i believe him to be a trusted and very helpfull person here at the Mcafee forums.Not sure if that answers your question.                                Jack






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            Thanks a lot.


            I do not know why someone would add a carburator on a car with electronic engine control system....In software they add things we do not need.