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    DLP vs. Thunderbird&Outlook Express

      Hello, I would like block in Thunderbird&Outlook Express adding a tagged document as an attachment. It is only possible to block attachments in full licensed Outlook and Lotus Notes, but I have very mixed environment and this handlers are not enough for me. I created the Application Access Rule for Thunderbird&Outlook Express but it only allows to monitor and notify while I would like to block adding a tagged document as an attachment. Do you have any ideas cause McAfee Support could not help me in this case. Thanks in advance.

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          I have done something like this and it works for Thunderbird:

          I created Network Communications Protection Rule for mail ports(pop3, smtp) and thanks to this when I want to send a tagged document as an attachment it blocks the connection and thunderbird is blocked and thunderbird cannot send any other mail unless it will be restarted.


          However this does not work for Outlook Express as it stores not sent mail and send them after restarting.


          I someone would know how to configure DLP for the case of Outlook Express I would be thankful.