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    Web Recovery in 5.2.5

      Greetings one and all,


      My firm is migrating data centers and I am taking this opportunity to upgrade to 5.2.5 EEPC.  I have successfully installed the whole thing and attached an instance of my database, and all looks good.  The one problem I'm having is that I'm trying to stand up the Web Recovery service using the new Apache based recovery pages.  I have followed the configuration document, "EndPoint Encryption Appache Web Recovery.pdf" and configured my server to match, stopped and restarted the apache service.  When I point a browser to my server, I get a very FTP like listing of the directory contents.  Bascially, I get a white page that says


      Index of/










      and blah blah blah.  Anybody have any idea what I've done wrong?



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          Did you follow full "Endpoint Encryption Apache Web Recovery.pdf"?

          Especially step 2, 3 and 4? Double check other settings too: httpd.conf settings are very important.

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            I checked all the settings in the httpd.conf file and the httpd-ssl.conf.  However, I cannot find either of the files in steps 3 and 4 , other than ones that were installed by default.  Are there supposed to be copies of "SbCgi.cgi" and "SbWebRec.dll" other than the ones that came with EEM?  and in fact, I should note that I got the WebCgi folder from the "Custom" directory of the EEM install, not from any file called "McAfee Apache Webrecovery524.zip" as noted in step 1.

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              Yes, "Custom" folder shoul be used instead of wrongly documented zip file.

              Please post your "conf\httpd.conf" and "conf\extra\httpd-ssl.conf" files.

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                Victim of my own haste.  In reviewing the httpd.conf file, I overlooked a line.  I didn't add "default.htm" to the DirectoryIndex line.


                Thanks for making me proofread my work!