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    SOS: state of emergency, Mcafee not detecting these malicious files


      I am getting really worked up right now as mcafee virus scan is putting me on my toes.


      I have updated DAT files, scan engines (the only thing i dont have is tomorrow's DAT files, if only it would solve the problem) and yet mcafee virus scan is not detecting obvious files. I have sent sample repeatedly and there are no positive results from the Mcafee Labs.


      This is really annoying as what can easily be contained is turning out to be an attack on the network, which there are no abvious answers for


      I have attached screen shots of drives that have been repeatedly scanned with Stinger (with artemis level set to high), VirusScan Enterprise (Artemis level high), and even the command line scanner.


      I believe that the malware is Ralia Odinga. Artemis has only detected a few of the file but repeated scans on the drive given negative results.


      On demand Scan Configuration:

      Scan location: running process, registry, local drive, all mapped drives, cookies

      File types: All files

      Hueristic Detection:High

      1st action: clean

      2nd action: delete

      On Access Scan Configuration:

      Scan: when reading from drives, writing to drives, network drives

      Filetypes: All files

      Hueristic Detection: High

      1st action: clean

      2nd action :delete


      the malware creates executable (.exe) in the name of the parent folder e.g: Y:\Audit vault\Audit vault.exe (this is shown in the screen shot attached)

      Please this is really scary and posing a lot of threat


      please who has a way out...........urgent help