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    EEPC and other third party GINAs


      Hi all


      Does anyone have EEPC running with any other 3rd party GINAs?  Specifically we're looking to introduce a self-service reset password management system which looks to replace the standard Microsoft GINA or extend other GINAs.


      I'm fairly confident they will be compatible because I've yet to suffer a BSOD or anything like that but it's just getting the right combination.


      On first install of the other product it forces the OS to use its own GINA so I see the password reset button, consequently EEPC still managed to automatically logon the authenticated user passed from the first screen.


      After another reboot McAfee forces SBGINA.DLL back into play, I'm just concerned I don't go providing one thing only to break another.  If anyone can share their experiences I would be grateful.


      Many thanks