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    SBFS After Windows Login

      In EEPC insalled Laptop, Is it possible to watch SBFS after login into the windows ?

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          for version 5.2 SBFS normally located and hiden as file system in c:\safeboot.fs (depending on how you configuration)


          You can mount this to other drive with wintech after you;ve authorize

          No authentication need because SBFS is map & write as FAT16 on hardisk.


          In certain case even i delete safeboot.fs i still can read my sbfs because physical sector still exist (you can check this SBFS sector information on SBR - disk information in disk information)


          Warning Note: Even you can mount SBFS DO NOT edit SBFS manually because it will caused it written to some other sector on your hardisk and this will mess up MEE pre-boot authentication.