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    McAfee VirusScan Update locks up Windows 7

      Ever since McAfee SecurityCenter 10.5.194 along with McAfee (NetService) 7/01/2009 driver was loaded on my HP Pavilion dv7 running Windows 7, I have been forced to recover my PC 5 times in order to be able to actually use the PC.  No other applications have been installed, and I have attempted to force McAfee to request updates, yet it continues to update to the latest SecurityCenter and I have to start all over again.  I am getting so frustrated with this I am about to rip McAfee off my PC.  Has this occurred to anyone else?  Before someone suggests that I install Virtual Technician, I am not about to install any further McAfee software.


      BTW, McAfee has reinstalled the update, so I'm sure I will soon be dealing with recovery number 6...

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          Just spotted this so booted over to my Windows 7 partition and updated McAfee - same SC version as you...I have no similar problem but what concerns me is this 'McAfee (NetService) 7/01/2009 driver' - I have no idea what that is, sorry never even heard of it before.


          Can you clarify that item please?


          Have you checked for malware following these guidelines?  https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-1294



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            Thanks for the reply, Peter. I had to recover again.  I ran Stinger on the PC and it found the Artemis trojan installed in the HP online games directory "WildTangent".  I also shut down the HP Update service as I believe that was hijacked to pull the Artemis trojan onto my laptop.  So far, I haven't had another lockup, but I am allowing McAfee to update again.  I'll have to see if it works this time.

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              Artemis is the name given to unknowns discovered by VirusScan and quarantined. If you think it's a an actual trojan the quarantined item can be deleted.  If you think it's a false detection of your game read HERE.


              It might be an idea to run an independant scan using the free version of THIS software.  Update before running and let it remove anything it finds.

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                Peter, I run MalwareBytes regularly, and it doesn't flag any malware, even with the latest update.  I allowed McAfee to update this morning, and I was once again rewarded with a hung OS.  I have once more (number 8) restored my OS to pre-McAfee update condition.  Here is a screen capture of the programs and drivers that were deleted.  I am going to give McAfee one more chance by completely removing it and doing a clean reinstall.  If this fails, I'll have to consider other options, but Norton definitely won't be one of them as I have no use for their product.  I hope I don't end up adding McAfee to my list, but if I cannot get past this issue, I'm afraid McAfee is making the decision for me.

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                  All restore does is reverse McAfee's updates which of course have to be reinstalled for it to function.  After uninstalling McAfee, run the MCPR removal tool obtainable from Useful Links above.  get a fresh copy if you already have it as it is constantly updated,


                  Good luck.  All I can suggest beyond that is ask tech. Support Chat to escalate the issue.  Also under Useful Links.

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                    Peter, I have had another episode of McAfee update killing my OS.  There looks to be something buggy with the update itself, either in the cleanup operation or one of the other restart processes after the update.  I did a clean install on 9 August with no further issues until yesterday, when I allowed (operative word that I will no longer do) McAfee to update and run the restart procesess.  I returned the OS to the previous restore point (see attached indication of applications changed since restore point) and did another clean install with today's build of SecurityCenter.  Until I hear from McAfee an acknowledgement that there is a issue with update on Windows 7 that has been fixed, I will not allow McAfee to autoupdate my PC.

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                      Well as I already stated that merely makes McAfee stale-dated and basically useless for protection.    I suggest you ask technical Support Chat to escalate this immediately.



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                        I encountered this problem just this week with a Pavilion dv7 with Windows 7. However, I have not been able to fully execute a recovery. When I try System Restore, I get a message that "No restore points have been created....". When I try a System Recovery, a page immediately pops up with the message "A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer". I have tried pressing f8 on restart and have tried all the restart modes without success. I have run disk check without problems and have backed up my files with no problem. But beyond that I cannot get the system recovery to complete. Any ideas on how to accomplish this? Thanks. 

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                          Maybe a System File Check will mend Windows?


                          Go to Start orb and in the Search box type cmd


                          In the Windows above right-click cmd.exe and select "Run as Administrator"


                          In the Command Prompt type sfc /scannow (with the space) and let it run, takes a while.


                          Otherwise please contact Technical Support Chat linked under Useful Links above.


                          This shouldn't be happening.



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