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    block web chat in facebook

      I need build a policy that allows everyone access to facebook.com or mail.yahoo.com but block only chat app on facebook or mail yahoo. Please tell me the solution. Thanks

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          I am attaching a rule set for MWG 7 to block access to certain facebook functions - chat is covered as well.




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            Thank for your support,

            The follow the rule is block URL from facebook link to applications(chat, game, photo,...), can build the rule with HTML filtering?


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              In theory - yes of course. BUT reallity tells me that

              a) facebook is a monster, that is able to detect whether pieces of the page were remove and rebuilds them (nasty, as you can't just remove snippets then)

              b) in case you are removing too much, the page will get crippled.


              The chat is not plain HTML, but is javascript, which renders HTML upon execution. You can now go ahead and try removing the respective parts from the source

              If body =

              <script>big_pipe.onPageletArrive({"id":"pagelet_chat_home","phase":2,"is_last":true,"append":fal*</script> then remove or similar. This will break the page unfortunately. 
              Our goal is to provide a filter at one point of time that will be able to do exactly this! But don't ask me for a date. For now,
              the URL filtering piece is the way to go, and by the way it has similar effects like other application control mechanisms, so no fall behind.