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    Trojan detection/removal? Please help.

      Hi, I hope someone can help.

      McAfee alerted me yesterday to a Trojan. It told me to close down the computer and restart and it would deal with it.
      I did this; then did a full scan but the security report still showed  that a trojan was present, even though the summary of the scan said the  computer was safe.

      I contacted support last night and they said the trojan was quarantined  and would be deleted at the next automatic update. The update has not  deleted it, as I have just done a scan and it is still saying there is a  Trojan detected.  However under Issues Detected and Issues Fixed, it  says 0 to both and on the summary page it says the computer is  secure.... nothing detected.

      Why is this -  Is it because it is in the quarantined folder and is no  longer a threat, I wondered? So I deleted it from that folder and ran  another scan.  Same result, the summary says the computer is secure and  nothing needed. BUT in the security report it still lists that a trojan  has been detected.  Under Issues Diagnosed and Issues Fixed, it says 0  against both.

      In the technical support chat this morning, the representative told me  to uninstall spyware blaster and the Uninstall McAfee products - I did  this for the spyware but it said the Mcafee one had probably already  been uninstalled.  The representative told me that after doing this, to  run a full scan and the reference to the Trojan would disappear.  But of  course it hasn't! Even though I have deleted it from the Quarantine  Folder.

      Does this mean it is still there somewhere, or if not, why does it still list it as being detected in the scan?

      PS the trojan was a fake-alert something or other, which would tell me  the computer was infected when it wasn't so that I would purchase fake  protection.

      Hope someone can help - I am not a techie person so please bear with me -  thanks. I don't know much about this side of things... but can find my  way around the various menus.