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    Have to turn on McAfee on restart of PC

      Every time I turn on my PC McAfee is turned off and I have to turn it back on I did a viitual technicain scan it fixed something but McAfee is still turned off on a restart Pleaase help

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          Hi Malopr,


          I understand that McAfee software turns itself off every time you re-start your computer, before we could proceed to fix this issue i need some basic information about your computer :


          >What is the operating system installed on your computer ( Win Xp, Vista or 7)

          >What type of internet connection you use (Wireless, cable or others)

          >When McAfee shows that it has disabled itself, please open McAfee security center & find out why McAfee isn't protecting your computer. McAfee will give you a description about the problem. So please gather as much as information you can by opening McAfee security center & report the same in your next reply. Also attach a screen shot of McAfee security center if possible.




          Rakesh P

          McAfee Technical Support