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    DAT updates causing systems to hang


      We are running EPO server 4.0 build 1333. We have clients running xp SP3, AV 8.7 SP3, epoagent 4.0, antispyware module. When some of the systems update thier dat the mcshield.exe will kick off and cause the system to hang for about 5mins - 20mins. We have about 7000 client and this happens to some, but now all. So far we cannot find a common denominator. We have tried the reg hack to lower the priority for the mcshield service. We had chamge the time of day the update takes place.  I have tried using epoagent 4.5. Still the same problem. Mcafee themshelves cannot figure it out.


      Has anyone had this problem and resolved it? If so, I would love to know.



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          Attila Polinger



          could you check if the "Processes on enable" setting is on on these systems? Also would you try disabling this setting to see if it affects the issue?

          In parallel could you change the timeouts for On-access scanning to a small level, and restore the McShield.exe priority so chances of clashes on resources could be minimized?


          Thank you.



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            Have been seen the same issue as you. I have a brand new Dell Optiplex 980, Intel i7, 8GB Ram. When the daily DAT, gets downloaded to my system I have been noticing that my system will freeze up for a few minutes. I checked the EPO agent status and can see that it is downloading the daily DAT during the slow down.


            I am at a loss since this did not happen on my older XP system which was also running VSE 8.7i, Patch 2. The new system is running Windows 7 64 bit. Will wait for Patch 4 and see if that fixes this issue. The release notes for Patch 3 don't make any mention of any fixes for this type of issue.  We have the "process on enable" option unchecked.

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              I have the same issue on less than 1% of my client nodes.  Platinum support told me that it could not be fixed via a patch and that the real "fix" would come in VSE 8.7.1.


              Take with two grains of salt.






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                Richard Carpenter

                We have had a similar problem with some older hardware.  These devices stream Radio Station Audio all over our internal network using Multicasting.  After much head banging and evetually getting hold of the developers in the US we were provided the following method to reduce the CPU load on the devices by reducing the Working thread and process priority.


                Set the following Reg keys and see if it helps:


                HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Network Associates\TVD\Shared Components\Framework - DWORD LowerWorkingThreadPriority = 1

                HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McAfee\VSCore\On Access Scanner\McShield\Configuration - DWORD RunAtNormalPriority = 1


                We are using GPP to set these regkeys during PCBoot, but this required use to modify the the Access Protection policy to allow these reg keys to be modified.


                Hope this helps in some way.

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                  We are experiencing the same thing. It is causing our Citrix servers to timebomb and kick off users. It only happens during the time that we are running the DAT updates. I cannot re-create it on a single server. However, we have recently moved to a heavy VM environment and we do NOT have our storage optimized properly yet. We have a small window of time when we depoly the updates to all servers. This causes a huge impact on Disk I/O which we think is the problem. If you have a large VM environment, you may want to look at that.