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      If I create an Autoboot user "$autoboot$" versus "autoboot", with a password of 12345, will it still bypass security?

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          It has to be called $autoboot$ in the first place - autoboot won't work - that's not the user name the system needs to find?

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            For an OFFLINE system, if I created my$autoboot$, once I restart, the workstation will bypass PBA and go to Windows?  There's no need to run the command:disablesecurity?



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              create $autoboot$ where?


              the disablesecurity command creates a local psudo-$autoboot$ user only locally, it won't survive a sync though.

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                Again, this is for a stand alone offline system.  If I create an eepc 5.2 machine -->  under the general tab, select the neccesary options for autoboot -->  create my$autoboot$ user and add it to the machine  -->  create an install set -->  run the install set on the offline machine -->  the machine encrypts  --> encryption is complete  -->  update software -->  reboot the machine and EE will be bypassed because i've added my$autoboot$ ? How does EE know when you want to bypass PBA?

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                  it "knows" because the $autoboot$ user exists on the machine?

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                    If you added operational $autoboot$ account to machine group, from which you have created offline installation set, bypassing pre-boot will work.

                    No additional operations are needed.

                    It works, because EEPC client communicates with transfer database file, that has been created and added to offline install set.

                    Check clients SDMCFG.INI file to see configuration details.

                    Your offline machine object will be added to transfer database (local to client machine).

                    You can later import transfer database SDB to your online database. That will stop object not found messages in your client communication log.