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    My Home Network > Mcafee on XP not talking Mcafee on W7



      I have two computers on my network one with XP lets call this one Dell and a laptop with Windows 7 lets call this one Toshiba.


      Up untill last week the laptop had VISTA and worked fine on the network but now i have upgraded to 7 the network doesnt seem to be working. There is no trace of either one from the other except for in the network map in mcafee.


      The dell PC says The routers brand and model ONLINE,  my computer PROTECTED, toshiba ONLINE (with a yellow exclamation) (it also says it has an old version of Mcafee but it has not they both have the same)


      The laptop shows the routers ip ONLINE, my computer PROTECTED, Dell computer UNTRUSTED.


      If I click trust I can type in the password, the pop up appears on the Dell PC but then it just shows the network map and no password box.



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