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    Server Migration



      We need to migrate ePO 4.5.0 P3 from one server to another to decommission the old server. Are there any documents explaining the best way to do this or is it a start from scratch jobbie?


      I have already freshly installed 4.5.0 P3 on the new server, using a remote SQL DB server; I had to to give our McAfee domain account sysadmin rights to SQL to let the installation go through, but can I narrow this down as I don't like giving sysadmin access if I don't need to.



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          Hi ldoodle ,


          Find the below link, I hope this will help







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            Hi Sundar


            Thanks for the link, but I have found that already and it's no use as the new server name is different (it has to be as they are both up and running and connected to the same network), as well as the installation directory. The server IP address is also different.


            Is that the only way of doing it?

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              I have never done it myself but if its epo 4.5 you should be able to register the new server to run with the old one and then tranfer the systems across, search for transfer systems in the epo help ( you have to register the other server but the stuff on how to do this is also linked to when you search for this term)

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                I've had a quick look at the help for transfer systems but i'm stuck on one thing. I have registered each server to each other, and when actually transferring a system I get the green message in the bottom right saying it's initiated the transfer, but 2 days later it's still not transferred.


                I've looked in the server tasks and can see a Transfer Systems option, but it's asking for a query and I don't know which one to choose.