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    AutoUpdate changing status with EPO 4.5

      Hey I am running EPO 4.5 and agent 4.5 P1. I recently made an OOPS and changed the entire user interface policy option to disable the default auto update task in my EPO settings. However, I have since gone back in and removed the disable default auto update task checkbox and did a full client wake up/policy/task update but they are not contining to update from the server everyday. I am not sure what the deal is but the auto update task on all affected machines (roughly 50% of my EPO clients) show teh local auto update task as Not Scheduled. So is there another place or way I can use EPO to enable the auto update policy, or is this a one way ticket to someplace warm.

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          Attila Polinger



          some people have already raised this issue here and -as I saw - informally they agreed that this could be either a bug or a feature. Nevertheless, once you disabled the product AutoUpdate task it won't be enabled again from ePO policy (as others have stated).

          I wonder if you could create ePO managed update tasks for clients and use them for the same purpose...





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