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    AntiVirus and Web Apps


      I'm thinking that I'm not the only AV admin out there whose number is on speed dial with web app developers/users.

      Here's an exerpt from an actual email I received:


      I’m getting reports from our user base that they are seeing issues with their Java based web application performing really slowly… i.e. page response of 4-5 seconds taking 3-5 times longer…


      When I checked, it appears that McAfee on-access scanner is taking anywhere from 35-95% cpu for each web page call…


      I've created a separate policy for Developers and added the exceptions based on a couple threads I've read here. Disabled scriptscan, .JAR files, .EAR files, *.class.  But it doesn't seem to help at all.  I had the group run ProcMon while accessing their webapp which I'm still trying to sort through.  It's only a minute, but for about 8-10 seconds McShield makes a TON queries and ReadFile to the following, over and overa and over again.